Information about purchasing our grassfed beef

Many of you know that we raise grassfed cattle on a ranch near Crockett, Texas. This year we are marketing our calves to personal buyers. We feel this is a more humane way of getting our meat to the consumer than auctioning it at an auction barn from where it is either goes to another ranch or to a feed lot. We are now ready to sale our Running C Ranch Black Angus “grassfed” calves.

Calves purchased from the Ranch, have been raised in the rolling hills of East Texas on a beef ranch-pine plantation. They have been fed only grass, the natural food of ruminants, or mother’s milk their entire life. They have never been given growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Their pastures have been rotated on a timely bases to provide new growth grasses and they have never been bumped around on long distance transportation, and definitely they have never seen the inside of unsanitary feed lots.

Veal, which is normally less than nine months old, as defined by renowned chef, author and television star Julia Child will be tender and succulent and produce a flavorful dish. According to Ms. Child “It is the true sophisticate who appreciates the subtle flavor of veal.” Calves, older than nine months are sold as beef and will also produce a delicious meal. Running C Ranch meat will give your more vitamin E and C, have less calories and much less fat than commercial beef, have a better ratio of Omega 3's to Omega 6 and have more beta-carotene.

And now to purchase. We realize that many of you have not purchased live beef in quantity before. Rest assured that we will work with you in determining how you would like your meat cut. We have a standard cutting order which can be designed especially for you. We are selling quarters or halves of beef, delivered to the processor, cut and wrapped to your choice. The price will be determined by hanging weight or approximately 60% of the on the hoof weight. Hanging weight is determined at the processing plant after the head, feet, hide and offal have been removed. A half calf will produce approximately 75 to 150 pounds, a quarter about 50 to 75 pounds. A typical refrigerator freezer will hold 50 to 75 pounds of meat. If you think that is too much for you to handle consider sharing with someone else.

A word about the processor we use. The facility, in Crockett, Texas, is USDA approved and is the one we have personally used for twenty five years. We know that it is clean, sanitary, and humane. We will deliver your chosen animal to the processing plant and then deliver it to Houston about two weeks later. You are welcome to come to the ranch to choose your own calf or we will choose one for you.

The cost to you is: $4.00/lb to us and approximately $.75/lb for processing to the processor before delivery. The cost may vary slightly depending on your cutting choices. This includes all processing, cutting, labeling, wrapping, and freezing. Basic wrap is white butcher paper.