The Ranch is now harvesting its grassfed bull calves. Please go to our blog, for information and a suggested cutting order. We are selling quarters or halves of a calf, determined at its hanging weight, or approximately 50 to 150 pounds for $4.75 a pound. This includes delivery in the Houston area, processing and freezing. Ground meat, roasts, steaks, stew meat, shanks and chops, all for the same low price!
Contact us to reserve your order.
P.S. Covington

The Ranch is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the East Texas Piney
Woods, in Houston County, long one of the largest cattle producing counties
in Texas.  Between Madisonville and Crockett on the historic old
"El Camino Real de los Tejas" (Texas State Highway 21).
The over 300 year old "El Camino Real" originally marked the way
from Louisiana across Texas to the lands of Old Mexico.