• Raising green grasses and Black Angus Cows
  • Ranch house and forest of pine
  • Rambling pathways and fresh water ponds
  • Running C Ranch
The Covington family has owned and operated this property for over a quarter of a century. During that time we have tried to be good stewards of the land and compassionate animal owners. We have aimed toward an “organic” operation, never using growth hormones, steroids, or pesticides. Today we are offering a pastured, grassfed product which we believe would meet any certification program in existence.

To certify is both time consuming and costly with programs changing rapidly and often overlapping. At this time we have chosen not to certify but are actively monitering the different programs. When there is more consensus we will decide which program is right for us.  For now, we will continue to produce the very best pastured, grassfed beef.